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First Lexis Nexis in response to my request sent me approx. 10 pages of literally jibberish. DELIBERATELY BEYOND VAGUE NONSENSICLE (sp) STEAMING LOAD OF BOVINE POO POO!

Wrong information all around.

I have a "Very Good" range credit score with all 3 major reporting agencies. I have an impeccable driving record. Because AAA Auto Ins. Co. used Lexis Nexis that went back to 1998 and used credit issues that I never had (all false) my Auto Insurance was raised to a High Risk Level Tier 6. The tiers range frim 1-Worst to 13-Best. I was FORCED to drop AAA whom I had happily been with for 3 yrs.

My new insurance per month is exactly $30.00 less than AAA after Lexis Nexis "thoroughly" checked my credit and driving records?!!?

Note: AAA still gave me all the 4 discounts available through them including a "Safe Driver Discount." I do not even want to know my premium before these "GENEROUS discounts.

Lexis Nexis is used to SCREW & SHOVE OUT customers who are not making companies like AAA $$$.

How I know is AAA raised my premium $10.00 per month. Why? They said there was a signifcant increase in accidents with many of their other customers. Therefore to make up for the large losses they were raising EVERYBODYS RATES. Thus penalizing good standing drivers such as myself.

See what I mean! Why not use Equifax or TransUnion? Because they sre HONEST. Unlike Lexis Nexis and the Corporations that choose to use their "services."

I NEVER would have expected this UNDERHANDED treatment from AAA.

As for Lexis Nexis, they are less valuable than dog poo scraped off the shoes of a corpse.

Wonder how many lives they have inconvienced, messed up or ruined with their UNDERHANDED tactics.

I am not calling them. I am lining my cats litter box with my "FICTIONAL" CREDIT REPORT using 1998 info. 17 years ago!

Its not even me.

I would bear deep shame if in reality I had a credit report looking like the one dumped one me.


Why didn't they slam me with my horrible credit from back then?

I was 15 years old and my weekly allowance was $15.00! And the folks paid cash for everything. Hmmmmm...

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