Like many people, I am unemployed, but, have always held an exceptional character as an employee ; the same as an individual and have never had any credit, legal (criminal or civil judgements)

or personal issues that, would impact or prevent me from employment. In fact, many head hunters have commended me as to my credentials.

I have purchased real estate, pay bills on time and checked my credit with Experian Credit, as that, is the premier credit service of the main 3 credit agencies. Some years ago, I found a company was using some mongrel credit agency in NY that, had bad information on me mixing up my information with an unrelated person. Within the past year Experian confirmed that, there was no negative information on my file. (By law any consumer denied employment is allowed one free credit report and a right to dispute fraud or incorrect information.)

Being unemployed in a tough economy, I have sought any available jobs. I applied to CVS Pharmacy, CareMark for an over night stocker position. The only way to apply to this company is online over the internet. The FTC and FBI,as well as the Social Security Administration and Monster,as well as many other Job sites,warn not to give out personal information and Social Security Numbers online, as the employers should ONLY asking for the information upon extending a job offer (NOT BEFORE.)

Companies where a Social Security Number was part of the online process have offered alternatives to online, such as providing it in person.

I complained to CVS as I did not want to provide this personal information online with all the hacking and identity theft. CVS stated, I could put in random numbers and then, go to their store and provide the information there. When, anyone is using the internet, every connection point or server is subject to capturing and losing any information submitted online, so, any secure site is NOT SECURE!

CVS told me to go to their store and give the Social Security Number for a background check. I received a decline letter due to failing to provide a valid Social Security Number on the CVS website after CVS provided the bad information to Lexis Nexis for a background report. Upon going to the CVS store as instructed by CVS Human Resources, I was told quote, "We took out the online employment kiosks out of the stores two years ago! We do not have any application process in the stores, it is all done

over the internet online." Thanks CVS Corporate - the blind leading the blind!

I reluctantly, returned to the website and resubmitted my application with a correct social security number,as I had hoped to secure a job close to my location before the listing was filled.

I received a second denial letter from CVS, that, stated, quote, "We are denying employment due to information given by Lexis-Nexis and if, you wish to obtain a copy of this information, call or write Lexis Nexis" "Lexis Nexis" is not aware of our decision based on the report,as we rely upon their information for making an employment decisions." (A major concern of CVS is theft and any criminal record pertaining to such matters, felonies, etc. as this is something noted on their website.)

I requested a report from Lexis-Nexis giving my information, DOB and SSN number as well as a copy of the denial letter from CVS. I informed Lexis Nexis, that, mistake, inadvertance, or error is not a defensible claim in a court of law, when, misinformation has impacted an individual financially and or publicly - such as causing the denial of employment, as it equal to slander, libel (in writing) and deframation of character. I informed Lexis Nexis that, this act creates a discriminatory situation, as well as matters that, violate HIPPA, FDCPA and the the FAIR CREDIT ACT or the Full Faith and Credit Laws [Laws -that allow income as a basis for credit and would otherwise violate Commerce or the UCC Laws of the United States.] This malfeasance can also, be construed as not only a civil tort, but, violations of Civil Rights Act and EEOC laws, to be free from discriminatory actions, (race, creed, color, sexual orientation, national origin, religion and employment status (income) or marital status), that, prohibit employment, as well as violations of Constitution Rights to be free from Interference and freedom of movement,as well as Article 9 which includes all rights not specified.

Experian Credit Services is the leading credit reporting agency of the three major reporting services and Experian had verified, that, there were no negative reports concerning my person. Lexis Nexis is more of a Legal Citation Service giving the current rulings and citations or references, on court cases and past court cases.

Now, this company is allegedly, providing consumer reports and assumedly, criminal records. Well, National Media Programs have been demonstrating how such agencies are confusing information for entirely different people and destroying their lives. Lexis Nexis has not provided me my report as required by law. Reports should be only given to the consumer to insure the information is correct and only when, the consumer deems the information correct, should it be allowed to be released to any third party. These organizations should be obligated to consult with consumers before doing them harm.

I have read a like complaint from another consumer on this site and I know that, credit agencies, which Lexis Nexis is not, ask that, reports be obtained by the consumer to verify and dispute any information that is incorrect. When, the information is reported as incorrect, the agency must correct it and provide proof of the correction. Only, then will it be verified and corrected if necessary thereafter, but, this is putting a cart before a horse. Some years ago, I had been informed of a negative credit report where the concern had obtained the report from a small unknown third rate credit agency in upstate NY.

I found that, the report that, credit agency had provided,was entirely wrong with information from a person with a different name and address added to my report. The agency had made the mistake.

I am now, going to report Lexis Nexis to the FTC, the Chamber of Commerce in the state where they

are located, the BBB and the Attorney General in their state,as well as mine. I will contact the EEOC and the Fair Labor Commission,as well as the MCAD (Mass. Commission on Discrimination) to make a legal determination on discrimination and then, contact an employment attorney or attorney dealing in Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights and Fair Credit Law and then, sue all parties.

Simple Libel law states if anyone publishes or dissemminates any damaging information about another which can not be proven, it causes negligence and liability to the person publishing the wrong. False Publication is a crime where I live.

Simple contract law, states, if,there is an offer, or an attempt to enter into an agreement (A potential job offer) and anyone, interferes with the relationship (Lexis Nexis) and then, changes a financial position, (Denying income) then, both the party causing the interference and the party who relied upon the bad information are liable to the person whose promise, potential promise or financial position was changed. I think I will give this to an investigative reporter,as well,and give this company some unwanted attention. Maybe a public exposure will bring out more victims and we can shut down Lexis Nexis and IMPACT CVS TOO maybe filing a class action suit against both. Frankly, we have to trust, these organizations blindly with our personal information, where anyone in these organizations can victimize us with identity theft and credit fraud or wrongful legal matters. The ONUS WRONGLY LIES ON US AS CONSUMERS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lexisnexis Report.

Location: Springfield, Massachusetts

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seriously sounds like you are looking for some free money, as there was no potential job offer....you only applied, didnt follow what they required (entering your SSN) and a human, well , was human and made an error by telling you to go into the store, if you would have done the proper protocol then maybe things wouldnt have became complicated... you were in NO way discriminated against, seriously looks like you want to find some ludacris way to cover the burdens that you are having due to you being unemployed. hopefully after all these years you have found yourself a job, and stop searching for ways to make a quick buck, stocker boy.


So what is the update with this modern-day Nazi Germany-style Lexus nexus ***, and any other criminal background checks that seek to "yell down at the man stuck in the hole, instead of throwing him a rope to help him out"?. I believe in a country that was at one time normal...where you could sit down with an employer over your paper application and have a face to face discussion on getting hired and working there...or not.

I believe in a country that believes and wants to help its citizens succeed and be successful. A country and company thats Not in the business of punishing people for making mistakes in previous parts of their life. Personally, this article holds truths that are ahead of its time. Just look at what's been happening recently with all of these company records being hacked.

I actually find it a big turn-off to have to submit such personal information about myself just to work for a company or job I wouldn't like much anyway. Nobody's information is safe online. If any employer thinks they hold some magic power that allows them to keep employees information safe and confidential, then they are mistakingly lacking serious computational skills. Criticisms aside, it is far too easy to "***" out decent people who may have so-called "insufficiencies" in their data.

If you think about it, that's what makes people...well good people, that's what gives people knowledge, experience, wisdom, morals and intelligence. CVS and other companies that do these background checks are crazy! If you cant sit down with another human being and do a face to face interview with someone and see they are a viable person to work there, then you don't have a business. Are people just allowed to be human beings anymore?

Stop making our citizens go through this nasty process of hiring to try to find the "perfect human being", its disgusting. I know its a deterrent for terrorists and *** but come on! Citizen watch ever heard of it? We all know who the potentially hazardous people are in our lives, don't we?

In psychology it is proven that if you treat people like criminals, then they start behaving like criminals. Personally, I think this all starts by the way we treat our children and youth. From kinder all the way up, we treat them as controlled entities!

But wait, it doesn't stop there! Its just not natural.

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